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I believe that art and nature are both similar in that they reflect back to you what you bring to them.  It is this essence that I aim to capture in my photography.  Rather than merely capturing what my camera sees, I try to recreate what my mind's eye remembers experiencing with nature in that moment. 

The Moon

Lupine Super Moon copy
Super Snow Moon over Emerald Bay
Super Blood Moon over Donner Pass
Super Blue Blood Moon over Lake Tahoe
Super Harvest Moon over Reno
Super Snow Moon over Emerald Bay 2.0
Chewelah Moon
Cold Moon and Pine Needles
Cold Moon Setting over Lake Tahoe
Setting above East Shore
Pink Moon above Black Rock


Lupines Milky Way
Stacked milky way lupines-2
Lupine Milkyway Stacked Horiz small
Neowise over Reno
Giant's Oven copy
Tetons at night with milky way_edited-1
Last Glimpse before the Rising, Death Valley
Giant's Oven, WA
Christmas Star over Bonsai Rock
Death Valley Night
Big Sky Country Dreams
Yosemite Falls
Flathead Lake, MT
Half Dome

The Ocean

Secret Beach, California
Bridges, Santa Cruz
Chinaman's Hat, Oahu
Hanging out by the Sea
3 Twisted Palms
Moana's Wave
Sunset Beach, Oahu


June Lupines 1
June Lupines 3
June Lupines 2
The Grand Tetons
Ruby Mountains
Two Medicine Peak, Glacier MT
Yosemite Falls
Mormon Station, WY
Fallen Rock, Zion Narrows
Zion Narrows 2
Patience's Virtue, Zion Narrows
Lake Tahoe Dreaming
Cave Rock Sunrise, Lake Tahoe
Spooked Buffalo, UT
Nature's Artwork, Yellowstone
Yellow Things
Gorge in Glacier
Flathead Thunderheads, MT


hello! - Glacier MT
Dusty Devil, Yellowstone WY
Nevada Burrows, Austin NV

Reno, NV

New Years 2020
Reno Arch under Quarantine
Quarantine 1
Quarantine 2
Quarantine 3
Quarantine 4
Quarantine 5
Quarantine 6
Quarantine 7
Quarantine 8
Quarantine 9
Quarantine 10
Quarantine 11
Quarantine 12
Quarantine 13
An unusual perspective
First Super Moon

That I ever shot

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